How to bounce back your lawn after the Winter Freeze

What you will need:

  1. MicroLife – Humates Plus 40 LB bag (2000 Sq. Ft. each bag coverage)
  2. MicroLife – Multi-Purpose 40 LB bag (2000 Sq. Ft. each bag coverage)
  3. Fertilizer Spreader
  4. Measure Your Lawn –

Before and After Photos:

Set spreader to 1/2 (half) open or reference the MicroLife spreader settings PDF guide –

Apply water to activate the MicroLife fertilizers.

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Top Quality CBD Products – Brix of Green

Greeting KissTheLawn fans,

I just wanted to share with everyone some CBD Products that have changed my life for the better. Brix of Green – CBD which is based out of Austin, TX makes all of their CBD products in-house and with the utmost care to details and quality. Check them out by clicking on this link.

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Organic Lawn Care – Schedule

Link to a Great Organic Lawn Care Guide – click here.

The below list of Organic products can be purchased at most lawn and garden stores.

  1. Microlife Humates Plus 0-0-4
  2. MicroLife Ultimate 8-4-6
  3. Micro Life 6-2-4
  4. Nitro Phos Sweet Green 11-0-4
  5. Southwest Fertilizer Earth Essentials 5-1-3
  6. Nature’s Guide Premium Turf 6-1-4
  7. Medina Growin’ Green 4-2-3
  8. Lady Bug Natural Lawn & Garden 8-2-4
  9. Soil Mender Turf Mate 4-2-3

FEBRUARY – Corn gluten meal (pre-emergent herbicide)

MARCH – Organic fertilizer from above list of products

APRIL – Quality Compost or MicroLife Humates Plus as top dressing

MAY – Organic fertilizer as listed above

SEPTEMBER – Organic fertilizer as listed above/or simply compost top dressing

                         Agricultural Corn Meal as preventative fungicide

OCTOBER – Organic fertilizer from above list of products, as winterizer treatment

NOVEMBER – Corn gluten meal (pre-emergent herbicide)

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Get Rid of Virginia Buttonweed

Here are a combination of tactics to manage the plant that include:

  1. Hand removal. (Small patches can be hand-pulled, but care must be taken to remove all the above-ground stems and below-ground roots. This plant can re-establish from small plant parts that remain in the lawn. If you see this weed start to flower, remove it as fast as possible.)
  2. Keeping your lawn tall and lush to help crowd out seeds.
  3. Being careful not to overwater (Virginia Buttonweed likes moist, wet conditions).
  4. Make sure you are treating your soil with good organic fertilizers and compost to ensure it stays healthy.
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Soil Rebuilding – Articles and Videos

  1. Glomalin: Hiding Place for a Third of the World’s Stored Soil Carbon | United States Department of Agriculture, AgResearch Magazine (article, 10 min)
  2. SOS: Save our Soils | Dr. Christine Jones Interviewed by Tracy Frisch (document, 20 min)
  3. Humus – the essential ingredient | Graeme Sait at TEDxNoosa (video, 15 min) 
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  16. Photosynthesis Education Journal of Environmental & Agricultural Sciences JEAS | Regenetarianism (video, 7 min)
  17. How regenerative farming can help heal the planet and human health | Charles Massy | TEDxCanberra (video, 17 min)
  18. Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Biology do the Job? | Jack Kittredge (white paper, 30 min)
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What Organic Lawn Care Products Do I Use?

I live in the Houston, TX area and have St. Augustine and Bermudagrass in my front and backyard. Below is the list of products that I personally have used and seen good results. I apply these early in the morning before the sun comes out for best results.

  1. Medina Horticulture Molasses – provides a natural food source for the indigenous microbial populations in the soil. It is recommended for all types of plants, crops and turf.
  2. Medina Plus – loaded with micronutrients and growth hormones from seaweed extract.
  3. Medina Soil Activator – fortified with essential micronutrients. It stimulates, strengthens and multiplies the soil’s indigenous microbes and bacteria
  4. MicroLife Fertilizers – recently used their granular products and seeing great results.

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