Organic Lawn Care – Schedule

Link to a Great Organic Lawn Care Guide – click here.

The below list of Organic products can be purchased at most lawn and garden stores.

  1. Microlife Humates Plus 0-0-4
  2. MicroLife Ultimate 8-4-6
  3. Micro Life 6-2-4
  4. Nitro Phos Sweet Green 11-0-4
  5. Southwest Fertilizer Earth Essentials 5-1-3
  6. Nature’s Guide Premium Turf 6-1-4
  7. Medina Growin’ Green 4-2-3
  8. Lady Bug Natural Lawn & Garden 8-2-4
  9. Soil Mender Turf Mate 4-2-3

FEBRUARY – Corn gluten meal (pre-emergent herbicide)

MARCH – Organic fertilizer from above list of products

APRIL – Quality Compost or MicroLife Humates Plus as top dressing

MAY – Organic fertilizer as listed above

SEPTEMBER – Organic fertilizer as listed above/or simply compost top dressing

                         Agricultural Corn Meal as preventative fungicide

OCTOBER – Organic fertilizer from above list of products, as winterizer treatment

NOVEMBER – Corn gluten meal (pre-emergent herbicide)

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