Stop Playing the Weed and Feed Game!

You might think to yourself this bag of Weed and Feed will get rid of all my weeds and I’ll have the best looking Turfgrass on my block this year!

Think again those Weed and Feed fertilizers aren’t really fertilizers at all. They’re toxic chemicals using junk food fertilizers as their carrier. Weed and Feed poisons have even been linked to causing cancer in dogs, cats, kids and adults. Think it’s just “going to be going on my lawn” well all those poisons are being tracked back into your homes. Not to mention these poisons are very harmful to the lawn and plants we are expecting them to protect.

Never apply “weed and feed fertilizers” as they are not only exceedingly dangerous they can actually cause more weeds to grow. These products create conditions that favor weed growth over turfgrass growth. By using these products you will create a never ending cycle of weeds.

Instead use Organic products that will get rid of the bacteria in the soil that is causing the weeds to flourish in the first place. Treat the soil first and the rest will follow!

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Why is Healthy Soil Important?

Healthy soils can contain an abundance of life in them. A single gram of healthy soil can contain 500 million microorganisms consisting of algae, fungi, bacteria, protozoans, nematodes and a long list of others. As these microorganisms live and die throughout the year they leave behind beneficial organic matter through their decomposition, chelating the soil minerals for plant use, and fight plant disease and pest insects, and improve the soil structure. A healthy soil microorganism population can add up to 300 pounds of nitrogen per year per acre back to the plants.

The large amount of salts in chemical fertilizers destroy soil life. Plants/Grasses existing only on chemical fertilizers require more and more pesticides as the plants/grasses cannot build natural immunities. Chemical fertilizers only sustain plant growth and bypass the natural process the soil has to offer.

Avoid the use of soil applied insecticides, herbicides and fungicides whenever possible as these agents are poisons often with long residuals that destroy soil life and weaken the entire system.

For a well managed soil system we must constantly add organic matter as a food source for the microorganisms to improve the soil health and structure. Organic fertility products and practices will help improve your soil, increase yields, reduce costs, promote health, beauty and provide for a safer and sounder future.

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How to Go Organic!

Going organic will produce healthier plants and is safer for the environment. It will be less expensive than going with chemical products.

  1. Plant the right plant for the area! – Use native or adapted varieties of plants for your area.
  2. Stop using chemical fertilizer and pesticides. – These products weaken the soil and kill beneficial earthworms, good insects, and good microorganisms in your soil.
  3. Add good organic matter to your soil. – Mulch/Compost any bare areas. Leave your grass clipping your turf.
  4. Only use organic fertilizers and amendments. – These will provide the best nutrition for your soil.
  5. Spray Fish, Seaweed, Molasses (blackstrap Molasses is best!), and Humic acid concentrates. – These will provide plant nutrition and stimulation and help prevent disease and pests.
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Treat the Soil First!

If you walk the aisles of any big box home improvement store you will see tons of products for lawn care.

The problem with these products is they are a temporary solution and will create even more problems down the road.

Never use chemical pesticides as they are all poisons and are dangerous for your health, your plants, and your pets.

Non-organic products usually contain high salt chemical fertilizers that will burn (stress) your lawn and plants, destroy soil health (stress) and invite more problems to happen.

Only use Organic products on your lawn and garden. Treat the soil first and the results will follow!

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Simple Tips to Improve Your Grass!

  1. Stop cutting the Lawn short! Adjust your Mower to at least 3″ in height. The higher the better! This will allow the grass to have a deeper healthy root structure.
  2. Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp! A dull mower blade will tear the grass instead of cutting it.
  3. Leave Your Clippings Alone! Stop bagging your grass clippings. The clippings will add nitrogen and organic matter back into the soil as they decompose.
  4. Water your lawn deeply and infrequently! You want grass roots to grow deep into the soil.
  5. Stop putting non-organic chemicals on your lawn. If it says herbicide, insecticide, fungicide or any “cide” put it aside and don’t use it.
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