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  1. THE POWER of the PLATE | Rodale Institute (white paper, 40 min)
  2. Environmental Working Group Safety Guides:
    1. Dirty Dozen™ EWG’s 2020 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™  (website)
    2. Clean Fifteen™ EWG’s 2020 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ (website)
  3. Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest? | EcoWatch (article, 7 min)
  4. Glyphosate and Roundup proven to disrupt gut microbiome by inhibiting shikimate pathway | GMWATCH (article, 20 min)
  5. Nutrient Cycling | Soil Food Web School | Dr. Elaine Ingham (video, 3 min)
  6. Dan Kittredge – Regenerating Soils to Improve Nutrient Density of Foods | Regeneration Canada (video, 19 min)
  7. Microbes Matter! From Healthy Soil to Your Healthy Gut | Yvonne Stapp (video, 57 min)
  8. GMOs, Glyphosate & Gut Health | Rich Roll (video, 110 min)
  9. The Best Monologue EVER: Zach Bush, MD | Rich Roll Podcast (video, 10 min)
  10. Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious? | Scientific American (article, 15 min) 
  11. Plant root-microbe communication in shaping root microbiomes | Andrew Lareen, Frances Burton, Patrick Schäfercorresponding (article, 45 min)
  12. Glyphosate Now the Most-Used Agricultural Chemical Ever | Newsweek (article, 5 min)
  13. Dirt has a microbiome, and it may double as an antidepressant | QUARTZ (article, 10 min)
  14. Good Food on a Budget | EWG (online resource)
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