Stop Playing the Weed and Feed Game!

You might think to yourself this bag of Weed and Feed will get rid of all my weeds and I’ll have the best looking Turfgrass on my block this year!

Think again those Weed and Feed fertilizers aren’t really fertilizers at all. They’re toxic chemicals using junk food fertilizers as their carrier. Weed and Feed poisons have even been linked to causing cancer in dogs, cats, kids and adults. Think it’s just “going to be going on my lawn” well all those poisons are being tracked back into your homes. Not to mention these poisons are very harmful to the lawn and plants we are expecting them to protect.

Never apply “weed and feed fertilizers” as they are not only exceedingly dangerous they can actually cause more weeds to grow. These products create conditions that favor weed growth over turfgrass growth. By using these products you will create a never ending cycle of weeds.

Instead use Organic products that will get rid of the bacteria in the soil that is causing the weeds to flourish in the first place. Treat the soil first and the rest will follow!

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